3 Tips On Getting Your Jewelry Appraised

Regardless if you have some old jewelry you just discovered in your home, or you've recently inherited part of a family estate, you may require a jewelry appraisal from an expert. This will help you know what the value of your jewelry is quickly.  It's ideal to know some specific tips if you're in preparing to get your jewelry appraised shortly.

Tip #1: Learn about the appraiser

It's important to know some facts about the individual who is completing the appraisal for you. This is critical to ensure you are getting an accurate value for your jewelry.

Listed below are things that should be considered:

1. Where did the appraiser obtain the license to complete this job?

2. What is the cost for the appraisal, and is the rate per job or by the hour?

3. Who does the appraiser work for or is this individual independent? It's important to hire a person who isn't employed by the seller when it comes to getting a value on your jewelry.

4.  How long with the appraisal take, and where will you need to get it completed?

Tip #2: What should your report include?

When going to the trouble of getting a full jewelry appraisal, you will want to know exactly what it should include.

Below are the items you should ensure are in your report:

1.  The current date, and your name and address.

2.  The description of the item you're having appraised in detail.

3.  The value of the item that is being appraised.

4.  You and the appraiser should sign the completed document.

5.  If there were other appraisers involved in the evaluation of the item, these names should be listed.

By taking the time to ensure you have all the items listed above on your appraisal, you will be able to get the most use out of it.

Tip #3:  Updating the appraisal

The value of your jewelry will change over time, and this makes it important to get a newly updated appraisal every so often.  Experts indicate that you will want to get a new evaluation on your jewelry at least every few years to ensure it's the most accurate.

Taking the time to get any of your jewelry items appraised by experts, like those at Certified Gem Lab, is sure to be one of the best ways for you to know the value of what you have. Do it today, so you can shop for more tomorrow.