Where To Find Gold To Sell For Extra Money

Selling gold (or Sterling silver or platinum) can help you get the extra money you need for unexpected expenses like a car repair, home repair, medical bill or taxes. It can also help fund a family vacation or a home remodeling project. Most people have more excess gold lying around their homes than they realize, if they just know where to look.

Places to look for unwanted gold in your home

1. Jewelry. Jewelry is the obvious place to look for excess gold. Do you have a single gold earring that you've long given up on finding the mate? Perhaps you have a broken chain or bracelet or simply a piece that you no longer wear. All of these can be a source of cash. Remember to only sell gold jewelry without precious stones. Dealers will only give you cash for the total weight of the piece, even if it includes a diamond.

2. Watches. Old pocket watches can also be a source of unwanted gold. Do you have a family piece gathering dust in a drawer? Converting it into cash and using that money for something you love might be a better tribute to your ancestor than keeping the watch out of sight.

3. Gold fillings. Many people are replacing their gold tooth fillings with newer, safer composite fillings. Ask your dentist to save your gold fillings when he removes them. They can be cleaned up and sold to a gold dealer.

4. Tableware. While most tableware and candlesticks are gold or silver-plated, you may have a few pieces that are solid gold or sterling silver. Look on the base of the piece or the reverse of the utensil for any markings. Like jewelry, gold tableware will be marked with its gold purity (12K, 24K, etc.) and sterling silver will be marked "sterling."

5. Coins. Did your dad collect coins? Maybe you used to dabble with coin collecting when you were younger. If so, you may have some gold coins that can be sold to the gold dealer. Be sure to check their value as a collectible first, however. They may be worth more intact than melted down.

You may not think that you have any gold that can be converted into cash. Not only will you be reducing the clutter in your home, but you'll be able to stop worrying about that bill or be able to enjoy an unexpected surprise vacation. Look in your jewelry box, your pantry, your junk drawer and even your mouth for that excess, unwanted gold to sell to companies like Palace Jewelry & Loan.