How To Give Unique Gifts Without Spending Too Much Money

Does it boggle your mind to think of all the gifts you'll need to purchase for upcoming events? Between Mother's Day, graduation, Father's Day and weddings, you probably have quite a list going already. And, that doesn't count birthday parties and baby showers. The idea is to give thoughtful cheap gifts for sale without going through your bank account. As you shop for presents, here are some ideas that might help you to present a unique and thoughtful gift.

Mother's Day - Think about creating a gift basket of your mother's favorite things that go together. For example, a pretty basket that holds a box of stationery with roses as the front design would be great when presented with a rose-scented candle and a scarf made of fabric with roses on it. Another idea for Mother's Day is to select figurines that represent each of your mother's children. Place them in a basket along with a pretty picture frame which will later hold a family picture.

Graduation - For girls who are headed to college, cute cosmetic bags make the perfect gift, especially if you put surprises in them. A pair of earrings, manicure tools, or personal items like hand and body lotion are just a few ideas to put into the cosmetic bags. The male version of that same type of gift would be great for guy graduates. A travel kit with all things like razors, soap-on-a-rope, and after shave lotions would be appreciated.

Father's Day - Does your dad love to garden? If so, gardening gloves and gardening tools would be great. Perhaps your dad has been wanting to learn a new language. If so, you can find beginner's classes on CD that he can listen to in the car or at home.  

Weddings - Newlyweds often love to receive checks or gift cards. However, place that type of gift in a container that the newlyweds will have for years to come. For example, place money in an attractive recipe box or attach it to an inexpensive cookbook. Put a gift card in an inexpensive vase or attach it to a pretty serving spoon.

Extras - Shop ahead of time for birthday party gifts and for baby gifts. Select items that are appropriate for both boys and girls. For example, both boys and girls love things like modeling clay, finger paints, and puzzles. Baby lotion, bibs, rattles, stuffed animals and other toys are great for both boy babies and girl babies.

Don't forget to purchase gift wrap paper and gift bags to have on hand.  Cute notecards serve well for enclosure cards.