Choosing The Right Format For You Online Promotional Video

With video production equipment becoming more advanced, it is also becoming more affordable. This allows businesses to find better rates when hiring a video production company for their promotional content. There are many factors that will influence the ultimate price of your project. While most of the factors will depend on the size, scope and complication of your shoot, there a few ways to keep down your costs. One of the best ways to reduce the cost of your project is to shoot it in the right format. That is, if you are only going to share your promotional video on the internet or social media, you don't need to pay for a 4k production. This article explains the best formats for online video production.  

1080p vs. 4k

4k, or Ultra HD, is a very popular format. It is now commonly found on consumer cameras and even on some smart phones. A 4k picture has nearly 4 times the pixels of an HD (or 1080p) picture. While the picture is admittedly stunning and clear, it might be completely unnecessary if your video just ends up on YouTube. In fact, when you upload a 4k video onto many video hosting websites, the file is compressed. This means that the website is making the video smaller so the file size is not too large for quick streaming. So, in the end you will have paid for your video to be shot in 4k, but it still ends up being downsized to 1080p.

This is why it is not a bad idea to just settle for a 1080p project. There are many advantages to using the lower resolution. First, the files are smaller, so the transferring, saving and editing all go much quicker. Even uploading the video onto the internet will go faster since there is less downsizing. Also, most cameras have more frame rate options when it comes to shooting at 1080p. This is extremely valuable for high-speed shots and slow motion. All in all, a video shot in 1080p will require less post production. This should ultimately be reflected in your bill.

Most cameras that shoot 4k can also shoot 1080p, so it should not be an issue. Find a professional video production company that is willing to meet your needs and don't let them convince you to pay for 4k if you know that you will not be using it in the end.