Tips For Decorating With Lanterns

If you are a homeowner, you are likely doing everything you can to try to keep your house festive and looking great. One easy way to decorate in a way that will allow your house to stand out is to use lanterns. A beautiful lantern with a gorgeous candle inside is a great decoration regardless of whether or not the candle is lit. Here are some tips for decorating with lanterns.

1. Incorporate Extra Details Inside the Lanterns

One cool way to decorate with a lantern or two in your home is to incorporate other details into the lantern itself. For example, if you have a plain lantern with a candle inside of it and you want to turn it into a nautical-themed lantern, you could add shells to the bottom and elevate the candle above the shells on a pedestal. You could also drape thin pieces of cloth from the top of the lantern inside of it to give it some color inside. You just wouldn't be able to actually light the lantern.

2. Try to Keep the Height of the Candle At Least 2/3 the Size of the Lantern's Storage Space

A huge lantern populated only by a single, tiny tea light on the floor of its storage space is going to look ridiculous. Although this is not a hard and fast rule, try to keep whatever you put inside the lantern at least 2/3 the size of the storage space. You can make the candles that you already have work, even if they are short, by putting them on pedestals that will elevate them to the appropriate height.

One great way to add interest to your lantern is to have multiple, smaller candles or even tealights inside of your lantern but have them all on tiny pedestals. Most lanterns, when being used as decorations only have a single, large candle inside them. By having a variety of tealights at different heights within your lantern, you can create an unusual image.

3. Decorate in Groups of Lanterns

If you have several lanterns that all are made out of the same wood but are different shapes and heights, consider combining them to make a decorative centerpiece for a side table. This is excellent because it will make that piece of furniture stand out. If you do this, try to choose lanterns that all have something in common but are not all the same. You could try to make sure that all of the lanterns are made out of the same type of wood. You could also get lanterns that are all shades of the same color.