Investing In Figurines For Your Collection? 3 Enemies You’ll Need To Protect Them From

If you have collectible figurines for sale, you want to make sure it's properly cared for. Your collection has four natural enemies – dust, oils, sunlight and moisture. Those enemies can destroy your collection if not defeated quickly. Here's a quick way to get those four enemies eliminated.


If you display your collection out in the open, it may develop a thin layer of dust. Over time, that dust can get caked on and give your figurines a less-than-pristine appearance. There are two simple ways to combat dust. First, use a feather duster or microfiber cloth to remove the dust at least once a week. Second, display your figurines in an enclosed case. The enclosed case – such as a curio cabinet – will allow you to enjoy your collection without exposing it to daily dust build-up.

Body Oils and Dirt

Before you touch your collectibles, you should make sure that you wash and dry your hands. Touching your collectibles with dirty hands could transfer dirt and oils that can destroy the appearance of your collection. Even if your hands don't have visible dirt, they could still contain oils that would transfer to your collectibles. Those oily deposits will then become a magnet for dirt and dust. To avoid dirt and oil damage, take the time to wash your hands before you handle your collectibles. Make sure you enforce the "clean hands" rule with anyone else who wishes to handle your collection.

Direct Sunlight and Heat

When choosing a location to display your collectible figurines, it's important that you choose someplace that's away from the sun. Direct sunlight can cause the colors to fade on your collectibles. If you have plastic figurines in your collection, direct sunlight can cause heat damage to the edges of the plastic. It's important to note that heat from display lights can also damage your figurines. If you're going to use display lights to illuminate your collectibles, be sure to use LED bulbs. LED bulbs burn cooler than incandescent bulbs, which means they'll provide the right amount of lighting without the excessive heat.

If you're going to display your collectible figurines, you want to make sure you provide them with the proper care. The best way to care for your figurines is to keep them safe from the things that will harm them. Use the tips provided here to protect your figurines from damage caused by the substances described above.