A Quick Guide To Silver Items That Gold Buyers Like To Purchase

When you see a business or person advertise that they buy gold, it is important to keep in mind that most gold buyers are interested in other precious metal as well, such as silver. For buyers that work with precious metals, it is about the overall value of the item that they are purchasing. Here are three silver items that many gold buyers are interested in purchasing. 

#1 Silver Coins

Most gold buyers are interested in purchasing silver coins. Silver coins are a great way to make a little money as it is an item that most precious metal buyers are interesting in adding to their collection due to the longer term value of silver as well as the value associated with specific coins.

Before you sell your silver coins, do a little research so that you know the relative worth of your coin. You are going to want to find out where the coin you had was manufactured and what year it was manufactured in. Doing this research will help ensure that you get a fair price for your coin.

As an example, silver nickels made during World War II contained more silver than silver nickels made prior to WWII as copper was used in earlier coins but was not used in coins minted during the war because copper was a valuable wartime resource. A little research will ensure that you are not undersold for your silver coins.

#2 Trophies

Many trophies only have a meaning to those to whom they were given. Very few trophies, outside of awards such as Oscars, Academy Awards, Olympic medals and other similar important events, carry value just because of what they are.

Trophies that you earned for high school and college achievements are not valued by collectors. However, they are valued by gold buyers when are made out of either gold or silver. Old trophies made out of precious metal can be melted down and used again. One can generally make a little money by selling old trophies that have lost their meaning.

#3 Jewelry

Finally, most gold buyers are interested in all jewelry made out of precious metals. If you have any silver jewelry, such as a wedding band or necklace, a gold buyer may be interested in purchasing these items from you. 

Don't expect to get what you paid for your jewelry. Jewelry is generally over-priced and you will be paid for the value of the silver and stones in the piece, not for the jewelry overall unless it is a very rare or special piece.

If you have some silver to sell and can't find a silver buyer, reach out to local gold buyers (like Maine Pawn Shop) and see if they are interested in purchasing your silver items.