Top Tips For Choosing Wedding Flowers

Are you currently planning your wedding? Will you soon be deciding what decorations and flowers to use for the wedding itself and the reception afterwards? Weddings are exciting times for anyone, and the proper use of flowers can help to tie all of the decorations together. But with hundreds of different flowers and a variety of colors available, sometimes it can be hard to select just a few for your wedding. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding on flowers:

There are no wrong choices: Some of your friends or relatives may try to tell you that you can't have a certain flower in your bouquet or as part of the flowers decorating the reception hall afterward. This is untrue. If you want to have your flowers be tulips, daisies, and chrysanthemums, that's your own choice. The only thing to keep in mind is that your florist may not be able to provide you with certain flowers that match your wedding's colors. For example, daisies may not come in "your" color of blue. But picking white flowers and letting them drink water that has been dyed with food coloring can create blossoms that will match just about any color palette. 

Remember your budget: Certain flowers are extremely seasonal and can be quite expensive if you purchase them outside of that season. Instead of several dozen roses in the middle of winter, you may have to settle for using just a few roses. If you're trying to stick to a restrictive budget, you may have to make some compromises when it comes time to choose your flowers. Even though you may be imagining many bouquets of roses for your reception, you migh have to settle with each table decoration consisting of a single rose that is surrounded by a variety of less expensive flowers. Your florist can help by suggesting less expensive flowers that are similar to the ones that you know you like.

Start with your bouquet: Some people start by choosing the reception flowers first and then picking ones for the bridal bouquet later. However, the bridal bouquet should be the star of the show, and the reception flowers should be secondary. If your bridal bouquet consists of tulips and baby's breath, you may decide to have the reception tables decorated with multiple sprays of baby's breath and a single tulip for each place setting. Doing something like this will help to tie the whole wedding together and will help make ordinary flowers more interesting.

For additional ideas, contact a florist at a location like the Bouquet Flower Shop.