Obtaining Money to Pay for Overdue Rent

If you've found yourself in a predicament where you are in need of cash as soon as possible to pay for your overdue rent, you are most likely frantically thinking about ways to obtain it where you are not going to put yourself in deeper debt. The need to get money in a hurry can be an anxiety-ridden time, but there are some solutions you may want to consider. Here are a few ways someone can get their hands on much-needed money to pay to their landlord so they do not get evicted from their home as a result.

Head to a Gold Buyer With Personal Items

If you have gold or silver jewelry, coins, or other metal treasures in your possession, and you are in dire need of cash, you have the opportunity to sell these items to get cash in your hand immediately after your items are evaluated. This is a great way to get money without having to wait for a check to clear or a credit approval to be obtained. You will also have the benefit of not getting yourself into a larger financial mess by borrowing money for your rent payment. A cash for gold service will weigh your metals and give you a fair rate determined by its current value.

Consider Pawning Items Temporarily

A pawn shop is another business that will give you cash for the items you decide to bring to them. These items can be held for a pre-determined amount of time according to the pawn store's policy, allowing you to pay your landlord with the money you obtain for their holding. If you are able to get the funds and a fee back to the pawn shop before their set time limit, you will be able to get your personal items back into your possession. Should you be unable to pay for the items, they will become the property of the pawn shop.

Sell Items Via Social Media Outlets

In a pinch, you can place some of your items up for sale via social media sites. Yard sales sites are abundant on social media platforms, allowing you to target your specific living area to entice potential buyers to purchase what you are offering. You can set up a meeting place with someone interested in purchasing an item so they can look over the belonging to see if they do indeed wish to purchase it. Cash would then be obtained on the spot.