Benefits Of A Dog Collar With A Plastic Quick-Release Buckle

When you're shopping for a new collar for your dog, it's easy to focus on choosing the color that you feel will look best on the pet. While there's no arguing that the right color is important, you should also give some consideration to the collar's buckle. There are lots of dog collars that have traditional metal buckles, but you'll also see some that have what is known as a quick-release buckle. These buckles are made of plastic and you've probably used them in the past on backpacks, helmets, and a variety of other objects.

Here are some benefits of a dog collar that is equipped with a plastic quick-release buckle.

Easier For You

A lot of people find that using a plastic quick-release buckle is considerably easier than dealing with a traditional metal buckle. Some dogs won't stay still when you're putting their collar on or taking it off. When you buy a collar with a quick-release buckle, you'll be able to complete the task without much difficulty. It's common to open or close the buckle with just one hand, which will allow you to use the other hand to hold the dog's chin up so that you can see what you're doing. A traditional metal buckle typically requires both hands, which is more of a challenge.

Not As Cold

Another thing that you'll like about a plastic buckle instead of a metal one is that the former won't feel as cold during the winter months. No one likes the idea of touching metal with their bare hands when it's extremely chilly outside, but this is what you'll have to do when you buy a collar with a metal buckle. For example, when you remove the collar after walking your dog, the buckle's cold surface can feel a lot more unpleasant on your fingers than a plastic buckle.

No Risk Of Rust

A plastic buckle on your dog's collar can also be a good idea because you don't have to worry about it rusting. When your dog is out in the rain or goes swimming, its collar will get wet. A plastic buckle can stay wet for a prolonged period without suffering any ill effects. A metal buckle, meanwhile, can develop rust on its surface over time. This could require you to replace the collar sooner than you might like. Visit a pet supply store to buy a dog collar with a plastic quick-release buckle.