Want Unique Christmas Ornaments? 3 Reasons Why You Should Look Into Cross-Stitch

If you're looking for unique, special and personalized Christmas ornaments to put on your tree this year, you might want to consider making cross-stitch ornaments with your friends and family. Unlike other types of ornament crafts where the materials are flimsy and the ornaments fall apart after a couple of years, cross-stitch ornaments are enduring and can last generations, much like the samplers and sewing crafts completed by women throughout history. Following are a few reasons why you should look into cross-stitch this year. 

Cross-Stitch Is Easy to Learn

Cross-stitch, the craft where different colors of thread are sewn into fabric in an X pattern to form an image or saying, is a universal craft that almost anyone can pick up. You don't have to be overly crafty or artistic either. Most cross-stitch projects are completed by following grid patterns in which one square requires an X of this color and another one might require an X of a different color. The Xs are sewn into fabric that already has holes so it's very easy to see where the stitches go. It's an easy craft for the whole family. Younger children can even pick it up fairly quickly. 

Cross Stitch Is Inexpensive

Around the holidays, websites that sell cross stitch patterns usually offer free patterns for Christmas ornaments. You can download the patterns and print them at the click of a mouse. In addition to free patterns, you can also pick up special Christmas ornament magazines that have dozens of patterns in them. Materials for cross-stitch ornaments are also relatively inexpensive. You can get packages of thread or floss for less than $10 in most cases. Similarly, a piece of fabric, which can be used to finish several ornaments, costs anywhere from $5 to $10, depending on the size. 

Cross-Stitch Is Personal

In addition to stitching the names of family members and your favorite sayings on your ornaments, you can also customize your ornaments to fit a theme or a particular look you're going for. For example, if you love antique ornaments, you can make ornaments that reflect the style and time period you adore. 

There are numerous reasons why you should make cross-stitch ornaments with your family this year. Not only will stitching together allow you to spend quality time together, it will allow you create beautiful, enduring, and unique Christmas tree ornaments that you can treasure for years to come.