5 Essential Moving Tips

Moving can be a stressful event. Worrying about packing, physically moving your items, and fretting about breaking fragile items can put a serious dent in an otherwise good move. Luckily, there are things that you can do to make moving far easier on yourself and those around you. 

Rent Moving Equipment

Chances are, you don't own a lot of the equipment that can make moving a much easier proposition. Numerous hardware and specialty stores allow you to rent equipment that is absolutely integral to the experience of moving. Hardware like ramps, dollies, lifts, and jacks are all ready available for you to rent.

Make Arrangements With Movers

Whether you're relying on friends and family to help move your stuff, or you're hiring the strong arm of professional movers, make sure that you make these arrangements at least two weeks prior to moving. Springing the notion of moving on people you know at the last moment might put them into a schedule conflict and many professional movers are booked several weeks in advance, especially during the late summer months.

Moving Containers

Moving containers are essentially large crates in which you can store all of your belongings. When you are ready to have these moved, a company comes by with a large truck and moves them to your destination for you. Many moving companies offer this service.

Keep Important Documents On Your Person

Don't pack up any extremely important papers or documents, but keep them on you for safe keeping. This includes any outstanding bills, your mortgage papers, papers relating to births, marriage, or divorce, and any pieces of identification, such as your driver's license or passport. It is best to keep all of these items together, preferably in a large manila envelope, and make sure that they are on your person at all times and do not get lost in the shuffle.

Packing Tips

It is highly recommended that you pack far in advance – about a week before the time that you decide on leaving. Pack all unessential items first and throw away anything that you know you no longer want. Finally, pack all of the absolutely essential items last, just in case you need them for something around the house.

Moving can be a huge chore, but luckily, there are a number of little things that you can do to make this process not quite as painful. Hopefully, this brief article has given you some insight on how to make your moving process a little easier.