Tips For Planning A Welcome Home Celebration For Your Returning Veteran

Putting together a celebration occasion for a returning veteran can be a lot of fun, especially if that veteran is your spouse. You may have several ideas about the best way to welcome home your loved one. However, remembering a few special accommodations when planning for a veteran can mean the difference between your homecoming celebration being a success or not. Follow these tips for making sure your welcome home party turns out to be everything you want it to be.

Talk To Your Veteran About A Homecoming Celebration

You may want your party to be a huge surprise for your returning veteran, but your veteran may want to just rest and have peace and quiet the first few days at home. If you are able to talk to your loved one while he or she is still deployed, ask his or her opinion about a homecoming gathering and who needs to be there. You may be surprised to learn your idea of the perfect homecoming party is vastly different than your veteran's idea of one.

Remember Your Veteran Has Been Away For Awhile And May Seem Different

While things at home may have been different for you, your kids and other family members while your veteran was gone, bear in mind how different things were for him or her, especially if they were in a combat zone. Your loved one may have seen some terrible things during his or her deployment or maybe that person has not had a single moment of solitude since being deployed. Remember to make your homecoming celebration small, inviting only close friends and family. Doing so can help ease your veteran back into being at home. If your veteran seems a little distant at first, just give him or her time to get used to being home again.

Gifts With The Most Meaning Matter

Do not forget you are celebrating more than just your veteran coming home, but also his or her dedication to the military and what it stands for. Giving a military plaque that states his or her division and anything important they did while deployed can be a great way to remind that person how much you and everyone at the celebration appreciates that person's service to the country. You can have special plaques made with quotes or sayings added to other pertinent, personal information like the veteran's name and division.

Taking the time to plan ahead for your veteran's homecoming celebration is a good way to make sure it turns out perfect for your loved one. Being aware of a returning veteran's need for peace and quiet can be the best way to approach your party plans.