3 Creative Things To Do With Old Masonic Rings

Many fraternal organizations award their members with jewelry items to symbolize membership and brotherhood. Masonic rings are among the most recognizable fraternal symbols, but these rings can also play a visible role in your home.

If you like the look and history of fraternal rings, but you don't necessarily want to wear the rings as intended, here are three creative things you can do with vintage rings inside your home in the future.

1. Garnish your next dinner party with fraternal rings.

If you are looking for a simple way to repurpose the fraternal rings that you have purchased or inherited, you may want to consider including them as decorations at your next dinner party. The decorative nature of fraternal rings allows them to double as napkin rings for formal parties.

Simply slide your linen napkins through the rings, and place them on the plates of guests to create a functional, but unique place setting.

2. Use fraternal rings as drawer pulls.

Refinishing furniture has become a simple way for creative homeowners to put their personal style into each piece inside their homes. If you want to create a unique piece of furniture that embodies your interest in fraternal orders, you can use vintage Masonic rings as drawer pulls.

Have a professional cut away the decorative top of the vintage rings you have collected, and sand them down so the back surface is smooth and flat. Purchase some plain drawer pulls from your local hardware store, and use a heavy-duty craft glue to affix the ring tops to the face of each drawer pull. Once the new drawer pulls are installed, your fraternal rings will be both decorative and functional.

3. Incorporate fraternal rings in your personal fashion.

While fraternal rings are designed to be worn on the finger, you can easily incorporate these decorative accessories into other parts of your outfit as well. One unexpected way to wear fraternal rings is to craft a pair of cufflinks from these symbolic pieces of jewelry.

Have a professional remove the side posts from your fraternal rings, and file the back surface until it is smooth. Invest in a pair of cufflinks with a plain circular face. Glue your ring tops to the face of the plain cufflinks, and enjoy adding a bit of history to your look.

Finding new and unexpected ways to use traditional fraternal rings doesn't have to be difficult. Repurpose your rings as napkin rings, drawer pulls, or cufflinks, and you will be able to get more use out of your fraternal jewelry in the future.