Making Graduation A Day To Remember: How To Customize Your School’s Graduation Stoles

The traditional cap and gown is just the base for your students' graduation day attire. Customizing each student's graduation ensemble with stoles can honor their achievements and inspire a greater sense of pride in both their school and their accomplishments. Here are three ways you can use custom graduation stoles to make your students stand out during graduation.

Head Of The Class

Pay tribute to students with top honors with customized stoles that call attention to their academic achievements. Choose one stole color for your valedictorian, a second color for your salutatorian, and a third color for the remaining students in the top 10 of the class. Have each stole embroidered to reflect their standing in the class to complete this graduation day accessory.  

Fraternity And Sorority Honors

For students belonging to a fraternity or sorority organization on your campus, provide the option of ordering custom stoles one of the group's signature colors. Have both the English name and Greek letters embroidered onto the stoles along with your school's name. You can also choose an alternate color stole for the president of each chapter as an extra nod to student achievement. 

Honor Society Nods

Give students who are members of honor societies or who have received awards for educational achievements the opportunity to customize their graduation ensembles with embroidered stoles. Have the stoles embroidered with the name of the organization or award and the graduation year. You can choose one of your school colors for this to create a cohesive look for the graduation outfit, or you can opt to use the colors belonging to the honor societies for a look that stands out.

School Pride

While not every student will have membership in a club or an outstanding achievement to honor, you can still provide custom stoles to create a more memorable graduation look. Choose one of your school colors for the rest of your students, and have them embroidered with your school's name and the graduation year. This gives your students something to pass down to their children or give to their parents as a thank-you for their hard work in raising successful graduates. 

Don't Forget The Faculty

As you plan your school's graduation ensembles, don't forget stoles for your faculty. Any faculty members attending or participating in the ceremony should have a stole that calls out their position in the school. Select collar stoles for commencement speakers, and opt for traditional stoles for the rest of the faculty. Have the stoles embroidered with your school's logo and the department of each educator.   

Custom stoles create a memorable accessory for your graduates, and it gives them a token of the day they can use to remember their achievements. Use these ideas as inspiration for your school's upcoming graduation ceremony.