Tips For Planning A Welcome Home Celebration For Your Returning Veteran

Putting together a celebration occasion for a returning veteran can be a lot of fun, especially if that veteran is your spouse. You may have several ideas about the best way to welcome home your loved one. However, remembering a few special accommodations when planning for a veteran can mean the difference between your homecoming celebration being a success or not. Follow these tips for making sure your welcome home party turns out to be everything you want it to be. Read More 

Creative House Warming Gift Ideas

If you are going to be going to a house warming party, then you want to make sure you bring them a gift they will appreciate. Most people tend to give toasters, blenders, dish sets, towel sets and pictures as house warming gifts, but you may want to do something a little different and give them a gift that stands out. The information here will help you choose a gift that is unique and will be much appreciated. Read More 

How To Decorate A Room Especially For Your Grandchildren

If you thought that being a mother was fun, you're probably already learning that being a grandma is even more enjoyable. You get the fun of spending time with them without the stress of having to discipline them.  In fact, being a grandmother might feel a bit like you're going back in time to the days when you were a little girl yourself. If you're decorating a room especially for your grandchildren, you're in for some fun planning. Read More 

Why Active Pickups Should Be Your Next Gear Acquisition No Matter What Genre You Play

Active pickups have been a mainstay with rock and metal guitarists for decades, and for good reason. These modern musical tools give guitarists in these genres free reign over a broad swath of techniques, including tapping and sweep picking, for example. However, active pickups are rarely used outside of these genres, but the fact is that many of the benefits that rock guitarists enjoy in active pickups can also be enjoyed by guitarists of other genres. Read More 

Three Tips For Buying A Guitar

If you are interested in learning how to play guitar, the first thing you need to do is choose a guitar. While you don't need the best one money can buy, it is important that you choose one you enjoy playing and feel comfortable with. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to buying a new guitar. Don't Shy Away From Used Guitars Many people want to purchase a brand new guitar, but there are some excellent used guitars in good quality. Read More